Sea of Love

The Ocean Freeway from Pawel Achtel on Vimeo.

Down the entire length of Australia’s east coast runs an underwater highway that links some of the most extraordinary stories in our oceans.

Join us for the exhilarating ride down one of the most extraordinary highways in the world. Stretching over 2000 miles from the Great Barrier Reef to the green island of Tasmania, the East Australian Current is an invisible channel of fast-flowing water, hundreds of miles wide in places - an ocean freeway for travellers large and small.

It begins at the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, famous as the largest natural structure visible from space, as well as for the wonderful diversity of sea creatures that live there. Yet it is at the end of our story, at the southern-most tip of this ocean freeway, that we find the most extraordinary and beautiful coral reef system of all. It is not in the tropics, but in the cold and unlikely waters off Tasmania, that we find an array of unique creatures and a previously undiscovered coral paradise like nowhere else on earth.

Massive sharks slash through enormous shoals of silver fish. Cuttlefish reveal their emotions – and affections – through extraordinary displays of rapidly changing colour on their own skin. Huge whales fill the ocean with their haunting songs as they connect with the characters living alongside the fast-flowing freeway.

On our journey we meet sea dragons so bizarrely shaped that they’re indistinguishable from the surrounding vegetation. Their intimate and graceful rituals lead to the extraordinary parental devotion of a father keeping his offspring safe attached to his tail. We see an ocean floor entirely covered with thousands of sea anemones, starfish taking over an entire reef, and many other creatures whose behaviour – and even whose existence – is new to the world.

Come, join us on a journey that reveals the most unexpected and untold stories that swim, float, fight and hide along Australia’s remarkable Ocean Freeway. Filmed with newly developed underwater housing technology by a cameraman with over 15 years’ experience filming underwater, “The Ocean Freeway” offers a sharpness and quality never before experienced even on IMAX screens.

Pawel Achtel filming underwater


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